Hi! We are Karssing

What is Karssing?

Karssing is an art director,

a concept creator.


Marketing is a fine line, something that delicate needs a well thought and well discussed approach. Not very often can this be dealt with overnight, we need to get into your frequency and let our feeling disappear for a moment to absorb your vision than translate that to a concept that will surprise everybody including ourselves. We need to constantly be surprised and grow as we are the tools for your company…

  • “Het is prettig en inspirerend om met Frank Karssing te werken. Door zijn vakkennis komen de mooiste projecten tot leven”.Frank Abbenhuis - WITLOFT
  • “Foto’s maken is een vak, maar zoals Frank foto’s maakt is zo speciaal. Vol passie, bezieling en beleving. Hij zoekt het verhaal achter de foto, dan ben je vakman En een kunstenaar”.Michael van der Laarse - Multi Supplies
  • “Oogverblindende foto’s van een hoge kwaliteit! Zeer creatief en veel oog voor detail”.Jacco Biemond - Mercedes, Biemond en van Wijk
The pictures became well thought through. Now they are well thought through before they are made. Once the pictures are productions, you don’t need a ton of them, you need a few really good and strong pictures for your marketing.

Stock photos are an option but for your company they have no soul. Just like a mannequin, good for the store, not for the catwalk. We produce personal concepts and personal pictures for your personal website, social media and print. These pictures have a psychological effect in your business culture, once you’re committed and willing to go the extra mile your company will never be the same.

We also produce architectural images for architects, designers, interior designers etc.